Diversify Your Bus Fleet, Add an Executive Shuttle!

Diversify Your Bus Fleet, Add an Executive Shuttle!

Being in the bus business as long as we have, we get the opportunity to talk to customers North America wide and hear about new and emerging trends and what clients are doing to set themselves apart from their competition.  Like wise, we can take a look at our sales trends and what we have been delivering to customers.  We can safely say 2014 was the year of the Executive Shuttle!

What is an Executive Shuttle you may ask?  We refer to it affectionately around here as the Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) of the bus world, the jack-of-all trades, the Swiss Army knife of transportaiton…it will be the most flexible vehicle in your fleet, guaranteed!!  The bone’s of an Executive Shuttle can start out with the vehicle of your choice Mercedes Sprinter, Ford E-350 or 450, F-550 or even a Freigthliner M2, and from there our experts will tailor an interior package to meet your exact needs.  The beauty of it all is these diverse vehicles can run basic tours and airport runs or black tie events like weddings and corporate events! One bus to fit all needs!

Our most popular Executive Shuttle units in 2014 were the Ameritrans 285 (built on a Ford E450) and the Mercedes Sprinter built by Battisti Customs.

The Ameritrans 285 Executive Shuttle is a premium quality bus which can bet setup to carry between 18-23 people with a great deal of rear luggage space to carry luggage, golf clubs or even skis and snowboards.  The key to turning this bus “Executive” is in the interior.  Our carefully crafted and modern black interior is complimented with a simulated wood-grain floor and high-end plush leathette seating surfaces.  Your customers will instantly be taken back when they walk in the bus and will love such optional ammenities as 110V power plugs, TV/DVD, Wi-Fi and integrated coffee/drink stations.

 Click Below To See More!                                                               See the Video Here!

ExecutiveShuttle-ScreenShot                               ExecShuttle-YouTubePlayer

Looking to really set  yourself apart?  Macnab Transit Sales Corp. is the exclusive dealer for Battisti Customs, the industries most highly renowned Sprinter upfitter.   Mercedes Sprinter, with its 3.0L Diesel engine, not only oozes luxury but it also sips fuel which will leave your bean counter grinning from ear to ear.  The Battisti Customs Executive Shuttle Sprinter is the perfect vehicle for corporate events, high-end airport shuttle, VIP travel or maybe you just want to position yourself and your brand above that of your competitors.  Our Executive Shuttle Sprinters seat anwyhere from 6-13 people and will give your clients the true VIP experience that they crave.

Check Out Battisti Sprinters Below!                                             See the Video Here!                 

BattistiExec-ScreenShot                                 BattistiExec-YouTube

Macnab Transit Sales Corp. is the leader in the Canadian Executive Shuttle sales market.  Our complete line of Executive Shuttle product will ensure we find the right fit for you!

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